Sisal Twining Machine

sisal twining machineWe produce a sisal twining machine, for use in joining together sisal fibres to achieve a long sisal thread. The thread can be used in supermarkets, hardwares, building and construction, making sisal carpets and bags. The machines are intended for use in villages and in companies.

Sisal Rope Making Machine

This is a machine which joins together the sisal twine to make three strands or six strands for heavy duty rope.

Wind Generator

A simple wind dynamo which is made for African use. It produces 3 – 12 volts. It is able to charge mobile phones, produce light and power radios or a computer.

Aleco Cycle Water Pump

This is a bicycle powered water pump that can draw water from 5 to 20 feet and push water from 100 to 200 meters on the flat and 20 meters above ground.

Sisal Decoticator

Sisal DecoticatorThis is a simple kenyan decoticating machine that is designed for small scale farmers. The machine is portable and can be moved around the field during operation. The machine has engine capacity of 5.5 horsepower and has the production capacity of about 80 kilograms per day.


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  1. pn mburu says:

    great idea. i will think about it. but what about maintenance?

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