About Us

The Company currently offers an extensive range of machine tools productions:

i.e 1) Sisal decorticating Machine for Sisal small scale holders.

2) Sisal Twinning Machine for small scale industrial processing of sisal rope/twine.

3) Cycle Water pump for open irrigations for farmers in semi arid areas.

4) Rope Making Machine for small scale business men.

5) Wind power generator

6) Shohgum threshing machine.

7) Interlocking block making machine.


Finding viable and sustainable Mechanical solutions to community’s problems in African society.


Our mission is to provide innovative solution that help in utilizing local resources and opportunities for poverty alleviation.


We aim at facilitating local and regional technological innovation for SME’S and to advance simple technology across the region, in order to embrace the opportunities offered through integration of the daily activities and to up skill their productivities and utilize their potentials.

We are dedicated to working towards meeting the needs of most communities today and being innovative to meet the growing demand for African technological development. In order to do this, we first understand how our client conduct their activities, why they do it the way they do and together establish solution that will not only improve these processes but also change them towards a better tomorrow.


-Limited materials at affordable cost

-Limited financial support.

-Lack of modern tool and equipments

-Lack of support for new research design techniques and mass production of successful tools.


As SIFA, our values our test and beliefs. These guides our principles which not only define the way we work but who we are. We believe integrity and embrace professionalism, accept responsibility and work with dedication. We do what we love, and love what we do.


Tool Design and research;

We are committed to providing Mechanical solutions to community problems. We design various tools to suit various needs at all levels.

Tool Fabrication and testing;

We do the fabrication of the successful technology and test them for use and appropriateness. Further development may be done upon customers request and desires.


SIFA Believe there is power in partnerships. We therefore understand that unity plays Avery important role in the development, technology transfer, Delivery and on-going successful services.


To always think big; Creative and innovativeness remain our focus. These help us improve overall performance in research and development to cope with future community demand for technology development.


2 Responses to About Us

  1. kalingu kikaso says:

    how can i get a sisal decorticating machine and how much does it cost.am in Nairobi.

    • alexodundo says:

      Thanks for your interest, the machine can be found in Kisumu and you must do an order for us to fabricate the machines.
      We have two types: 1. single head operated by one person at a price of Ksh 85,000 for petrol and Electric. and ksh 100,000 for diesel.
      2. Double head operated by two people the production is higher and only uses Diesel engine or Electric motor, at Ksh 160,000.
      For the orders one has to pays more than a half the total price. for more please call 0724719567.

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